Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks Tribute

Lively in Melbourne

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16 Nov
Village Green Hotel

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Dreams - Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks Tribute Show


“Don’t miss this show if you’re a Mac fan!”

Dennis Dunstan, Mgr Fleetwood Mac (1981-1999)

Excerpts from ‘The Tagg’ Review of Dreams at Memo Music Hall December 8, 2023 https://bit.ly/DreamsTaggReview

“Dreams is not only the closest that music lovers are ever likely to get to the iconic band again, but they are an outstanding group of world-class musicians and performers in their own right, one of the most proficient and engaging tribute bands to grace Australian stages.”

Featuring Nikki Canale from the USA & a decade performing professionally in Las Vegas 

"With due respect, Nikki’s presence, energy, powerful vocal chops and capacity to channel the ‘Spirit of Stevie’ is unparalleled in the world of ‘Tribute Stevies’ touring Australia and beyond.”

Not to mention Krissy Linehan: 

“Of all the tributes I’ve seen, Krissy Linehan is the only Christine (also ‘Chrissy’) McVie’ who comes close to reincarnating the understated performance and mellifluous stylings of the band’s late keyboard player and vocalist.”

The Dreams Team

1. Nikki Canale: Our very own Stevie Nicks, a seasoned performer originating from the USA, with a decade-long professional stint in Las Vegas.

2. Wayne Daniels: Emulating Lindsay Buckingham, Wayne juggles between roles of musical director, band founder, and a virtuoso of guitar and vocals. Wayne has a rich history as a singer-songwriter-lead guitarist, including his original 80's & 90's Sydney-based bands from Colour Blue to Shikira to Triple Entente.

3. Regotron Leayr: Resonating with John McVie’s character, he enriches the ensemble with his bass guitar, vocals, and expertise in production.

4. Krissy Linehan: Representing Christine McVie, spices up performances with the keys, vocals, flute and a lot of class.

5. Matt Skea: Reliving the role of Mick Fleetwood, showcases amazing proficiency in drums, percussion & vocals.



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