Paola Monroy + Marco Fields

15 Feb
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Heart To Heart

Paola Monroy is a hugely versatile, Colombian Opera singer and a passionate advocate for
Latin American music. She completed her music degree at the University of Andes, Bogota in
2010, and has participated in international workshops and masterclasses with renowned
artists, including Maestro Andreas Scholl, Giovanni Reggioli, Lenine Santos, Dona Voughn,
Beatrice Benzi.
Paola gained extensive experience as an opera and oratorio singer in Colombia before
coming to Australia in 2012, where she started to work under Wendy Dixon’s lead giving
many concerts like their Art gallery of NSW 2013 and 2014 series. She was selected as the
soprano soloist for the main event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Instituto
Cervantes Sydney in 2019, chosen to perform a series of concerts to celebrate the life and
work of important Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos sponsors by the Brazilian
embassy 2019, as well as the soprano soloist for the premier of M. Palmeri’s ‘Misa Tango’
presented by Coro Austral 2022.
Paola has performed in Canberra at the Australian National Centre for Latin American
studies ANU and The Mosman art Gallery 2018, Jakarta Indonesia 2019, Sydney 2019,
Melbourne 2019, National Museum of Colombia 2020, Enlighten festival Canberra 2022,
National Multicultural festival Canberra 2023 as part of her work to promote the Latin
American and Ibero American repertoire through Asia pacific working closely with
embassies for this purpose. Paola is the founder of ‘Art song for All’ project.
In recent years Paola Monroy has stood out not only as an opera singer and master of
the Latin American classical repertoire, but also as a versatile singer who can put almost
any musical genre into her repertoire with great success.

Marco Fields is a Chilean born, Australian raised singer- songwriter, who is currently
based in Santiago Chile. His musical experience kicked off in Sydney in the early
80's participating in school musicals and local festivals with various Folk groups from
the Latin community. In the late 90's, he begins to write his own music and a solo
career starts to take shape with an interesting Contemporary Latin Folk sound.
His music is a mix of various influences such as classic Anglo rock, salsa, and a
strong dose of traditional Latin-American folk and rhythms. In his repertoire, Marco
Fields offers a colourful and varied mix of Latin American instruments and
percussion, captivating audiences with catchy rhythms and well-versed lyrics
depicting the reality of Latin American immigrants in Australia and other parts of the
Since initiating his solo career, Marco Fields has performed in Asia, North America,
and various countries in Latin America, with a special mention regarding his current
participation as a member of the acclaimed Chilean Andean group Arak Pacha. His
solo music today gains strong airplay and exposure all over Latin America and the
US Latin music Scene.

Together they have captivated audiences with their incredible vocal blend and a repertoire
which includes some of the most well-known songs from Latin American folklore. This time
around and making the most of Marco Fields’ forthcoming trip to Australia, they have put
together a spicy, sensual, and romantic set especially for Valentine’s Day, looking to capture
hearts and souls with attractive Latin American rhythms and melodies, backed by a
wonderfully talented band “Los Papis” who play an array of Latin American folk instruments
to add that extra bit of flavour to the night.
“Heart to Heart” they have called it, a night which promises to inspire and touch hearts and

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