Jack Davies

Lively in Melbourne

17 May
The Merri Creek Tavern

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Jack Davies Solo

Jack Davies is a celebrated young folk singer from WA, well known for his slick finger picking and rambling stories. Often performing with his group "Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks", the band have garnered a dedicated national audience. However, after releasing their debut album and playing their third successful national tour, Jack is hitting the road solo for a number of intimate acoustic shows. Showcasing new songs, poems and loosely strung together sentences. Collaborating with friends old and new, these autumn shows will be a collection of cosy, candle-lit evenings not to be missed.
For a full set of tickets and dates, head to jackdaviesandthebushchooks.com/tour
The Tav is a standing-room only venue, seating
can be provided for people with a disability‚ÄĚ.

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