16 Feb
Bootleggers Newtown
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With their live set described as " ...fearsome, where everything is inside out, an impossible puzzle of things that don’t make sense but just do. It’s like enjoying getting a hammer to the back of the head. What utter fun" by The Underground Stage, DOWNGIRL has already made a fierce impact - and they’re just warming up.

DOWNGIRL was born in the throes of the pandemic, spending its infancy in the cloud with members Skarlett Saramore (drums), Kristen Adams (vocals/lead guitar), Alex Neville (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Lou Harbidge (bass), sharing riffs, words, and beats online. These ideas spawned a diverse body of work, exploring central themes of equality, LGBTQIA+ issues, and mental health.

DOWNGIRL has since been freed from the cloud, taking a detour via the studio, and landing firmly on the stage where they belong, unleashing their loud and unapologetic performance on unsuspecting audiences. Their fusion of sludgy guitars, 90s inspired pop harmonies and straightup-in-your-face punk, can be heard ringing out throughout venues in their hometown, Sydney.

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