Idan Shoham

17 Feb
The River
Margaret River
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Shmoné - originally the solo musical project of the talented Idan Shoham, has now undergone a captivating transformation. Rooted in the art of live looping, Idan weaves together vocals, saxophone, acoustic guitar, and a drum machine, creating an entrancing one-man-band performance. Idan sings in Hebrew, English, Italian, and French, while exploring genres from folk and jazz to blues, electronic, reggae, and pop.

Now, the Shmoné project evolves even further with the addition of three remarkable band members: Maayan Simkey (Backing Vocals and Guitar), Omer Zaidi (Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals), and Guy Elharar (Drums). Together, they continue to harness the saxophone looping style that defines Shmoné while injecting a full-band electric vibe into their music.

Shmoné invites you to join this captivating musical journey where creativity knows no limits at The River on Feb 17th! accompanied by a local support it is a night to not be missed!

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