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29 Jun
Cactus Room

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Dilemmas - 'Lovebug' Single Launch

Love. Your heart beats faster, feeling like an unknown entity in your chest. It drops to your stomach, writhes around, a sinking feeling that buries deeper. Will it enter your bloodstream and whisper sweet nothings to the thoughts in your brain, or pulse and throb in your ears until you start scratching at your skin, dying to get it out before it does too much damage. 

Dilemmas are releasing their latest Single, LOVEBUG, and want you to creep and crawl into Cactus Room with us. To risk the sting in the hope that the mind-bending journey will breathe life back into the parts of you left numb to feeling. 

Once you've entered the dark space inside, and left your secrets at the door- go underground with THE SUBORDINATES… who?  We don’t know, probably just another ego driven rock and roll band. Ironic? Or are they hiding something, drawing you in so you're hooked, and once your eyes are fixed to the flickering lights, you'll have no choice but to dance and to party.

Party Pest channel post-punk irreverance with synthesised sonic mayhem. Anything can and does happen when Party Pest play so strap in for a wild ride. When the glitter settles, the Ajax’s been snorted and your Mum’s been pashed, wipe the love dust from your eyes and check your bathtub. 

Crawling out of the bathtub, Bughunt will seranade you with anxiety inducing noise. Don't question it, lean into the shame, crawl into your cocoon and wriggle out like nothing happened. You did this to us, you did this to yourself.

Are you ready for a night like this? To immerse yourself into the depths of something more than music-  to be a part of the writing on the wall? Dilemmas, Dilemmas.

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