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4 May
Brass Monkey
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They call it “Star Wars” Day, a now normalised marking of international observance, in an homage to the movie franchise created by George Lucas.

A pun on the film’s catchcry “may the force be with you”, there is now an expectation that it be included in all matters pertaining to the fourth of May.

And Bayne Supeflex say there’ll be none of that sh*t, when they play at the Brass Monkey on this assigned day.

At a hastily called news conference, a camouflage painted and yet unidentified band member explained the band’s position. “There’ll be none of that sh*t, ya hear me??” yelled the black and green faced individual at startled newspeople. “Ya know they started digging the Panama Canal that day? And that Italian Protestant theologian Leilo Sozzini died? He fu*kin’ died, man…”, after which he was led sobbing from the gaggle of media microphones.

A balaclava covered band spokesperson then explained that the band would be honouring the spirit of May the fourth, by playing a finely crafted carte du jour of sommelier selected 70’s hard rock and metal toonage, from the deepest of Purple to the boziest of Scaggs, with the Dictators thrown in between.

The camouflage painted chap then staggered back to the media scrum, wrapped in one of those aluminium blankets they give to victims of disasters, pushed aside the ski mask wearing band management to scream, “we’ll be rockin’ hard in a pure 70’s groove, baby, and if I see a fu*kin’ ewok, I’m gonna sh*t it like ScoMo at Maccas!”

“Bayne Superflex! Brass Monkey, May 4!, Latvian Independence Day!”, the band member continuing to scream the gig and date, as ambulance teams attempted to capture him with a large butterfly net.

Bayne Superflex
May 4
Brass Monkey
No Star Wars sh*t

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