Manfredo Lament

Lively in Sydney

1 Jun
The Bank Hotel

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Manfredo Lament - Movement, Saga & Fable Ep Launch

Manfredo Lament share “Movement, Saga & Fable”, a hefty 3-track live EP, showcasing a beloved lineup of Kurt Lam, Gabriel Haslam, Luke Gerber and Finn Koslowski, who will return for the FINAL headline show together. For one night only, the group will be playing the tracks off the newly released EP within their improvised set. Manfredo Lament is a fully improvisatory jazz-soul-adjacent project which weaves its way through various fluctuating feels and genres, combining intense grooves with dense, psychedelic synth driven harmony. A shapeshifting cast of members transforms every gig into a unique listening experience. 

The Regime side-project Space buoys funkify your tastebuds by swinging from psychedelic hip hop to broken beat jazzy house. Sweet sticky thang plays the dirty licks whilst the front line lay down the sweaty grooves to allow the keys and wet vocals to seep through the mix like a dirty nappy.Songwriter and performer Ruby Jackson will be performing a duo set to open the night. A breath of fresh air in the R&B/Jazz scene of Sydney, Ruby has found a way to create a multi-generational vision of classic music with a modern twist.

COME THROUGH for a night of sweaty booty-shaking, soul enriching, and mind-expanding vibrations.

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