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29 Jun
Vinyl Cafe

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CLEAN Events presents DIFFERENT!
Our upcoming event is all about celebrating diversity in sound, featuring a lineup that's as unique as it is exciting. First up, immerse yourself in the dreamy melodies of our Folk rock artist Tim Gordon, whose soulful tunes will have you swaying all night long. Then, prepare to be blown away by not one, but two, hip hop acts that bring their own flair and style to the stage. From innovative beats to captivating lyrics, Alta and Reams are sure to leave you wanting more. And finally, don't miss our alternative indie hip hop sensation Just Kane, whose genre-bending sound is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. This event isn't just about the music—it's about coming together as a community to celebrate individuality and creativity. So mark your calendars and get ready for a night of killer vibes and memorable music.

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