Full Flower Moon Band

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31 Aug
Lion Arts Factory

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Full Flower Moon Band | Megaflower Album Tour W/special Guests

Full Flower Moon Band are hitting the road this August and September in support of their third LP ‘Megaflower’.

Kate Dillon, frontwoman and chief songwriter of Brisbane's Full Flower Moon Band (FFMB), also known as 'Babyshakes', aims to defy expectations with the band's third album, "Megaflower". This album symbolizes a new direction for the band, emphasising expansion and diversity rather than just intensifying their rock sound.

“When you think about Full Flower going 'mega', don’t think harder and heavier,” Dillon says. “Think bigger – in every way.” She cites artists like the Arctic Monkeys and David Bowie, who transcended genres, as inspirations. Dillon aspires to follow this path, refusing to be confined to a single genre. “My mega is everything instead of one thing. I’m moving in directions I want to, and we refuse to be just a heavy-rock band. That’s our mega.”

Dillon, who produced the album, recorded "Megaflower" with the full five-piece, triple-guitar lineup familiar to fans from their live shows. Mixing was done by award-winning Tony Buchen (Kirin J Callinan, Troye Sivan), whom Dillon describes as a mentor. The result is FFMB’s most sonically diverse album to date.

What does Dillon want listeners to take away from "Megaflower"? “I hope people hit a sense of pleasurable listening. Every single song feels like it’s there for a reason. I hope they feel liberated listening to it, because we go everywhere together. I hope people enjoy the generosity of that emotion and pick up on the fearlessness of it, and get a sense of fearlessness themselves – because that’s what it took.”

Catch Megaflower live with tickets on sale at www.fullflowermoonband.com 

Pre order ‘Megaflower’ here

Megaflower coming July 19th via Dirty Power Studios / Silver Arrow Records

Full Flower Moon Band - Megaflower Album Tour 2024 | Lion Arts Factory | Saturday 31 August, 2024

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