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20 Jun

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Tiaryn @ Shotkickers

If you’d like to spend your Thursday night being gently, aurally stirred to open your heart, ears and tear ducts look no further than the arresting live performance of Tiaryn (and band).

This enchanting singer-songwriter, if you wish to cage her birdsong in the confines of genre, has her roots planted in the soil of soul and jazz, yet her commanding voice and vulnerable lyrical prowess draw upon the story-tellers of folk.

Tiaryn endlessly searches for richer and surprising harmonic expression through song, leaning on her jazz piano background. But the true hidden gem of her music is its devotion to honesty, expansion, growth, love and hope.

Supporting will be the effervescent Esther Henderson.

The solo project of Esther finds inspiration in the affairs of the heart. Her songwriting on guitar and voice is moody and sincere, her songs conjure the essence of soul-searching pop music.

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