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23 Aug
Crowbar Sydney

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Nirvanna - A Tribute To Nirvana

Prepare for an explosive journey down memory lane as Nirvanna, the ultimate Nirvana tribute band hailing from the heart of Orlando, Florida, is set to embark on their inaugural tour across Australia this August. Nirvanna is not just a tribute; it's an unparalleled sonic experience that transports audiences back to the era when grunge reigned supreme, recreating the magic of Nirvana's legendary performances.

Nirvanna will be making waves across Australia with a performance that promises to be a treat for die-hard Nirvana fans. The band is set to captivate audiences by delivering the groundbreaking debut album "Bleach" in its entirety, showcasing the raw energy and iconic sound that defined an era.

“Bleach” has long been held as a seminal classic. Well received by critics, it ranks as the go to album for die hard Nirvana fans.
Whilst the album only spawned two singles in “Love Buzz” and “Blew” (and later the acoustic version of “About A Girl”) it did not reach any significant level of commercial success until its re-issue, after the monster and career defining “Nevermind” was released but the magic is in those album cuts that Nirvana fans adore and crave.

Fans can expect an immersive experience as Nirvanna delves deep into the Nirvana catalog, delivering not only the chart-topping hits but also unearthing hidden gems and fan favourites. 

With meticulous attention to detail and an uncanny ability to channel the spirit of Nirvana, Nirvanna has become renowned for their authenticity and electrifying live performances. This tour marks a milestone for the band as they bring the magic of Nirvana to Australian audiences for the first time.

Nirvanna's Australian tour promises an evening of nostalgia, grunge vibes, and an unbridled celebration of one of the greatest bands in rock history. Don't miss your chance to witness this transcendent tribute – an essential experience for Nirvana enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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