Ben Ottewell • Ian Ball

Lively in Sydney

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15 Nov
Factory Theatre

Event Description

Ben Ottewell & Ian Ball (Gomez)

They just can’t leave us alone! Our good pals BEN OTTEWELL and IAN BALL (from GOMEZ) return for an annual jaunt, this time with a special 25-year anniversary celebration of two of their band’s out-of-this-world albums, BRING IT ON and LIQUID SKIN. Since its first release way back in the good times of 1998, Ben & Ian’s break-out album BRING IT ON, delivered under the guise of GOMEZ, earned the band multi-platinum sales, chart topping success and the very distinguished Mercury Prize.  With a collective of fans spanning three continents and repertoire covering almost three decades, the duo’s infectious melodies, bluesy riffs and charismatic live performance will stick with audiences as much as LIQUID SKIN filled our musical cavities back in 1999. Hark back to those glory days of Triple J, and a new millennium, and a fight in a music shop sound that we all loved from Gomez. Expect all the gold from BRING IT ON and LIQUID SKIN and a whole lot more this October and November. Joining Ben & Ian on their Australian voyage is our favourite Gomez-inspired troubadour, BUDDY.

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