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27 Sep
Third Day

Event Description

Tempo - Charlie Sparks & Parfait

Your destination for hard, fast techno - Tempo. Our next instalment of Tempo features hardhitters Charlie Sparks and Parfait at The Third Day on Friday Sept 27 (Grand Final Friday).

Charlie Sparks is all about the energy. Known for emitting an intense gripping aura by seemingly blending Acid, Industrial, Rave, and Psytrance-like grooves. By carefully utilising every aspect of each Charlie is able to create the relentless momentum found in both his productions and performances. His unique hazardous identity has quickly spread and gained acknowledgment from artists such as Amelie Lens, NINETIMESNINE, and many other heavyweights in the game. Parfait got her start mixing at alternative LGBT+ community parties. Her career took a new turn when she became a resident of Possession, a collective she co-founded so she wouldn't have to choose between the music she likes to play and the parties she likes to attend any more. With the rise of the collective over the years, she made a name for herself on the techno scene. In 2019, she did a livestream for Boiler Room and Possession which marked the start of her international reputation. Parfait is now a key figure in the new generation of DJs who count, and who fight to defend the spirit of techno parties in free hangars and warehouses.

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