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21 Sep

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Eileen Grace Single Launch 'Handle With Care'

The Launch of  Eileen Graces second single  HANDLE WITH CARE 

Supported by local legends Gecko and Great Falls. 

After the success of releasing their first single, “Rage and Wine” in 2020, Eileen Grace is back with new music, ready to hit the Melbourne music scene with an ocean sized splash with the release of their new single HANDLE WITH CARE. 

The fresh release explores the tireless feeling of seeking affection from others while sacrificing your own needs. Riley has captured this through their honest songwriting expressed with lush flowing passages topped with raw and powerful lyrics. The experience accumulates great feelings of catharsis after deep soul searching and reflection. If you aren’t immediately enthralled by the sweet tones of Riley’s vocals, you’ll be blown away by the intensity and veracity of the journey this song sets you on.  

“I’ve always shared every part of myself with the people I’ve loved and it's exhausting! I wrote this song as a way to process this feeling and somewhat manifest a healthier relationship with myself.”  

Starting as a collaborative project founded by lead singer Riley in 2019, Eileen Grace has seen growth in style and experience over the years, from playing in multiple local bands to solo gigs in some of the most beloved inner north music venues. As fun as solo shows were, they did not fully emphasize the full bodied sound that Eileen Grace has to offer. In January 2023 Eileen Grace introduced new members to the project, including close friends and regular barista to the band. Together they have already played shows with Melbourne staples such as Chasing Ghosts, Jacob Fitzgerald and Baby Shower as well as Brisbane band Juno.  

Riley and the band are gearing up to debut the new single “Handle With Care”, recorded with a talented group at Wrangler Studios. This momentous event will be coming to fruition at one of their favourite and inspirational local spots; Nighthawks. Joining them on stage to celebrate the release for this effervescent occasion will be friends new and old.

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