Fleetwood Mac Tribute

Lively in Hobart

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2 Mar
Longley International Hotel

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Seventh Wonder Performs Fleetwood Mac's Rumours & The Hits!

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the magic as Seventh Wonder brings Fleetwood Mac's iconic music to life.
Seventh Wonder perform an authentic and exhilarating tribute to one of the most legendary bands in rock history – Fleetwood Mac. The show will showcase the full "Rumours" album, featuring timeless classics such as "Go Your Own Way," "Dreams," and "Don't Stop." Additionally, Seventh Wonder will perform other Fleetwood Mac greatest hits, including "Little Lies," "Gypsy," and "Say You Love Me," among many others.

Fleetwood Mac, a British-American rock band formed in 1967, has left an indelible mark on the music industry, selling over 100 million records worldwide. Their masterpiece album, "Rumours," released in 1977, became one of the best-selling albums of all time, with more than 45 million copies sold to date. The album's emotional depth and timeless melodies have resonated with fans for generations, making it a staple of music collections worldwide.
Seventh Wonder’s dedication to honouring the legacy of Fleetwood Mac through their captivating performances has been praised by critics as “outstanding”, “sensational” and “mesmerising”. Fronted by Bloom’s exquisite vocal talent and deep appreciation for the band's iconic sound, Seventh Wonder’s rendition of the "Rumours" album and greatest hits promises to be a night to remember.

"Bloom's voice is a force of nature, effortlessly capturing the soul and essence of every song she performs."

"A spellbinding performance that left the audience in awe. Bloom's stage presence is simply mesmerizing."

"An extraordinary talent with a voice that could move mountains. Bloom is a true force to be reckoned with."

“You my darling, are the seventh wonder of the world.”

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