Scattered Order

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20 Apr
Cactus Room
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Scattered Order - Album Launch

Given the Scattered Order’s long and varied history it is a testament to their resilience that none of the current band members particularly feel like they are part of a scene or genre. Originating from Sydney’s M Squared label their roots are in the DIY/post punk/art noise of the late 1970’s. They exist outside the zeitgeist and legacy mode of their contemporaries from that era.

Scattered Order will be launching their new double album “All things must persist” at this one off Melbourne show. The album is a collision of 1970’s trippy movie soundtracks; ‘you know who’ live at Pompeii; lush sounds; jokes; messed up grooves; pianos tinkling in the night; mistakes and bungles; a couple of old canons and drones. An introspective subtly is still evident throughout the nine tracks. Sometimes delicate and wistful then suddenly jarred by abrasive noise making and always looking forward with hope. Combined with live visuals from LIVING SCIENCE Dept. this will be a mind warping experience not to be missed.

Joining them on the night will be USER and Astral Skulls

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