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Lively in Bunbury

17 May
The Burlington Hotel

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The Chair W/ Homage A Trois And Goodstock

The Chair w/ Homage A Trois and Goodstock
Friday 17th May
Burlington Hotel, Bunbury
Doors 8:30pm $25

The Chair
Get ready to dive headfirst into the mosh pit of nostalgia with "The Chair," the ultimate throwback to the heyday of grunge. Originating right here in the heart of Perth, this talented ensemble has mastered the art of replicating Silverchair's iconic sound and stage presence, ensuring fans experience the pure essence of '90s rock.

With an electrifying stage presence that harkens back to the grunge era's glory days, "The Chair" is rekindling the spirit of Silverchair's unforgettable hits. From the angsty riffs of "Tomorrow" to the symphonic grandeur of "Neon Ballroom" and "Diorama," they've got it all dialed in.

So, dust off those Doc Martens and ripped jeans because "The Chair" is taking you on a time-traveling journey through the grunge era. It's more than just a tribute; it's a visceral experience that transports you straight back to the '90s when the music was loud and the rebellion was real. "The Chair" is your ticket to ride.

Homage A Trois
Embark on a Triad Triumph with "Homage à Trois" - your ultimate homage to the power of three in the music world! This dynamic trio is on a mission to pay tribute to iconic bands that have left an indelible mark with their three-member magic.

From the epic symphonies of Muse to the piano-driven genius of Ben Folds, the rhythmic beats of The Police, the quirky charm of Presidents of the USA, to the high-octane energy of The Living End – "Homage à Trois" delivers it all.

Dive into a whirlwind of musical nostalgia as they skillfully recreate the essence of your favorite trios, capturing the spirit and intensity that made these bands legendary. It's not just a tribute; it's a sonic journey through the power trio revolution.

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