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28 Apr
The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar
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Anglerr's Reel Em' In Debut / Anglerr's Reel Em' In Headliner

ANGLERR IS HERE AND LOUD! At last blasting your ear drums at The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar for their debut headliner with friends ‘Ambulance’ and ‘Dolls’ for one hell of a night! Featuring loud guitars! Sweat! Moshing! Crabs! And so much more! 

Anglerr is a punk rock trio hailing from Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, incorporating classic punk motifs with a hint of noise rock and hardcore attitudes. The 3-piece began in mid 2023 as simple riff based jams between vocalist / bass player Alex and drummer Jayson. Realising the songs had potential they enlisted the help of guitarist Ethan to complete the line-up and so here we are!

After supporting a few local bands and mutual friends, the boys are finally ready to put on a show of their own; loud and proud! You’re definitely not gonna want to miss this crazy sunday night you’ll never forget! Neither will your ears

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