Warwick Smith

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14 Jun
Factory Theatre

Event Description

Semi-acoustic, Fully Autistic

Alternative blue hair have-er Warwick Smith is stripping back his discography to its foundations for one night only, celebrating exactly 5 years of music, in 'Semi-Acoustic, Fully Autistic' . Known for his genre-pushing exploration and emotionally charged lyrics, Warwick blurs the line between genres and crafts his own sound within the emo movement.   "Is that you Pete Wentz!? Golden age emo is speaking directly to my teenage years in the right way." Tommy Faith, Triple J executive producer   Following a top 5 album on the iTunes charts in 2023 (Velvet), on-stage appearances with international rockers Glass Animals (UK) and Waterparks (US), and the success of 2019 Paramore cover ' I'm Not Angry Anymore' soaring to the multi-millions on streaming services; 'Semi-Acoustic, Fully Autistic'  falls exactly 5 years after the release of the aforementioned cover, marking 5 years of writing and releasing music to an ever-growing crowd of dedicated listeners.

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