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26 Jul

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Black Cab – “Games Of The Xx1 Olympiad 10th Anniversary”

Electronic rock trio, Black Cab, will perform a special anniversary show to celebrate 10 years since the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album, Games of the XXI Olympiad.

With the Paris Games opening at 4am the next day, Black Cab will step back in time to revisit the wild 1976 Montreal Summer Games. The XXI Games featured mass state sponsored doping of East German athletes, a 29 country boycott, no gold medals by the Australian or host country teams, an opening ceremony held in an unfinished stadium, and left Montreal deep in debt for thirty years. The Cab will revisit key tracks from the album and take a trip back in time to when performance enhancing drugs flowed freely.

Special guest Simona Castricum and more TBC. Visuals by Andrew Delaney.

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