Moler • Juliette Seizure & The Tremor Dolls

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13 Jul
The Tote

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Hits 20th Anniversary W/ Moler + Juliette Seizure And The Tremor Dolls


For anyone who knows us you'd know how remarkable it is for us to reach 20 years old!!  We've come close to dying many times both collectively and as individuals.  And like my psych tells me, I appear to be unkillable!   I'm still trying though.

3 albums, 7 singles/ep's and the much threatened 'DEATH' album in the pipeline we are far from dead.  We were on such a great roll before the pandemic and the cancellation of our 3rd European tour and living in different states both mentally and physically kept us apart.

BUT.  Then Radio Birdman called upon our services for 2 shows meaning we have to put the beast back together and we thought while we were at it we should once again visit our spiritual home, The fucking Tote!!

I dunno how many times we've played there but it's freaking a lot.  And when you consider that all our previous artistic endeavours have played there also it's close to 30 years that we've collectively added to the beer and sweat soaked carpet.

RRR once called us a local band while we were in the van.  Hysterical laughter ensued.  But that really is how much us motley assortment of grubby Queenslanders have disgraced ourselves in your presence.  And we really want to thank you Melbourne.  You are the rockingest city in the world.  Trust me.

But enough about us.  Just type in HITS bandcamp and you'll find our page.  Deals abound.

Joining us for this frivolity is the mighty MOLER who I had a crush on since my youth and actually saw play live in Brisbane in the bloody 90's.  James I've seen in many incarnations and Helen the same, Spencer P Jones (rip, miss ya)  Los Domino's and many more.  So I've VERY happy to have them help with our celebration.

Opening on the night is a fantastic band called Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls who come from Adelaide.  We have played many shows with Shannon and love her dearly.  You may know her from BLOWERS or GRINDHOUSE or even THE RAMONETTES.   She probably has more bands than I have fingers and toes.

It is very appropriate that these 2 bands join us to celebrate.  They have been constants in our adventures, and long conversations over a beer or hundred.

We hope you can make it.  And we promise to fucking smoke ya!

(Not so) Evil Dick Richards

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