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22 Jun
UniBar Adelaide

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Cosmic Horor

June 22nd at the Adelaide Unibar is going to be brutal! We have some top shelf black metal and death metal for you!

Inverted Ascension are a new black metal band with some familiar faces! We expect to see the ground crack open and hell ascend during this bands debut performance!

The one man cosmic Black Metal Band Numen Noctis is here to show us a bleak and dead universe. The utter darkness revealed to us mere mortals by this prophet of chaos is undefinable. To understand, you must attend this ritual.

The crushing brutality of Seminal Embalment are next! They have been on a hiatus and the extreme scene has suffered for it! The gore and violence is back and we can’t wait to see this ensemble terrorize our senses again!

Speaking of Hiatus’s, Impetus will have their triumphant return to the stage after a long year! This band is an outstanding mix of brutality and melody, this is bound to bring out the circle pits!

Hot off of their performances at Heavy S.A and supporting the titans obituary, Descend to Acheron are here to continue the onslaught of masterful death metal! This band is never one to be missed and this event will be no exception!

As the night draws to a close it’s final act of blasphemy is the local blackened death metal machine known as Sons of Erebus. The relentless riffs, banshee like vocals and brutal drum beats of this unholy 5 piece will leave your soul crushed and screaming for an escape!

Tickets $15+BF on moshtix. ALL AGES

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