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5 Jul
The Palms at Crown

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Boom Crash Opera - The Best Things On Tour

Running Times: Doors - 6:45pm Act 1 - 7:30pm Interval - 8:10pm Act 2 - 8:30pm Finish - 9:45pm Please note, all times are approximate and subject to change. These here are crazy times. But Boom Crash Opera are one band you can rely upon. The producer of their debut album told them: "The most important thing a group can do is stay together. Keep it together and you can do anything you want." Boom Crash Opera took those words to heart, proudly becoming one of Australia's most-loved bands, with 13 Top 50 singles and five Top 50 albums. As founding member Peter Farnan says, "We sounded like our name." It's an intoxicating mix of indie pop and stadium rock, with unforgettable hits such as 'Great Wall', 'Hands Up In The Air', 'City Flat', 'Onion Skin' 'Get Out Of The House', 'The Best Thing' and 'Dancing In The Storm'. Nearly four decades after the band began, the start of 'Onion Skin' remains an irresistible rallying cry: Keep it in! Cut it out! Kick it out!

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