Viscera Infest

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18 Aug
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Grindhead Productions Presents - Viscera Infest (Jap)

Grindhead Productions is proud to announce, for the first time in Australia, Japanese goregrind kings VISCERA INFEST.

The Japanese forensick goregrind bulldozer will tear its way through NSW, the ACT and VIC in August 2024, with Canberra’s grind assholes WRETCH and a collection of Australia’s nastiest speedfreaks - Gutless, Internal Rot and Choof. 

VISCERA INFEST have gained an infamous reputation with their insane speed, punishing riffs and profoundly violent artistic style. Drummer Yuyi has blown minds across the world with his blistering blastbeats, and their patented cockroach mosh will leave Australian audiences festering on the floor.

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