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3 Aug
Port Beach Brewery

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(Donk) Ft Tred

(donk) ft Tred 

We are heading coastal for our next outing, taking over the courtyard of Port Beach Brewery. 

Introducing our headline DJ Tred

Deeper moods of the night. These introspective moments where eyes are shut, the senses are heightened and the club moves as a single pulsing body. This is the rhythm of Tred. 

As the years have passed it’s been hard to pin just one sound on the singular artist. What can be said is that it’s been constant search for those minuet details. These days the vibe leans more towards a restrained palette wrapped around hypnotic powerful grooves- think painting musical landscapes with hues of scarlet, indigo and purple. Dynamism and a devout love for his art drives the narrative whilst Tred is in the mix, the energy flow between dancer and curator ever-present, evolving throughout the performance in an exchange that is empathetic, passionate and intense. He is magnetic when holding court behind any DJ booth. 

A master at his craft he has established himself as one of the true vinyl DJ’s and producers of his generation.

Supported by Bondo, Digby, George Rogers and Selik


Saturday 3rd August

Port Beach Brewery  



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