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27 Apr
Botany View Hotel
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Rubber Necker + Shark Arm + Owo At The Botany View Hotel

The bass 'n drums rumble 'n thump, guitar scratches 'n scrapes the vocals howl ...

Enter the Rubber Necker! A force of nature blasting catharsis, high energy beat & articulately-skewed lyrical-noir consciousness. Woah yeah. 6 years in & too long in tooth to remain a buzz-band but ever a balm to the safe soporific risk-averse civil servant mentality, Listen Up Neckers! A new art-punk-garage album 'Bad Behaviour' is being birthed in difficulty right now with no help from A.I. (If smoke 'n mirrors, big lights, slow mo' gestures, immovable permanent statues with meek glazed-eyed hapless arm-raised followers like hillsong convention is yr bag, look elsewhere !!!) ha ha & how can anyone live up to that preamble! We came 2 rock. Truly.

Luv n peptic ulcers.


SharkArm are a Sydney trio who attempt to make ugly rock n roll less ugly.

A three-wheeled garage hotrod that once cruised the byways of the 70's AM band, oWo are now doing burnouts in the carpark of the post-rock supermarket.

Enjoy a weekend drive to lake power pop and riding no waves. Launching their latest recording, the "Tunnel of Vision" EP.

Rock’s not dead. It’s just inherently unstable.

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