Max Lawrence + More

18 Apr
Cactus Room

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Max Lawrence Farwell Show W/ Peach Noise & Louv

We invite you to an evening soirée on a transcendent journey as we bid farewell to Max Lawrence, who is set to grace Berlin.

Naarm's embrace has been a cocoon for Max's creativity, but now it's time to unfurl new wings. If you've shared a dance, a moment, or a smile with Max, you've woven the tapestry of their time here.

Joining Max for this magical night will be duo Peachnoise and multi-disciplinary artist LOUV. Peachnoise, known for their melodic weavings and harmonious spells, will ignite the evening with their vibrant, off-kilter rhythms. LOUV, with their soul-stirring melodies and captivating movement will guide you through a sonic catharsis. Max’s set offers a taste of an album they’re currently finishing, rich with brooding strings, mosaic-like textures and soaring vocals underpinned by a deep, restless longing.

This is not a farewell but a "see you later" wrapped in the promise of new beginnings. As Max commences on this journey, let's gather to celebrate their time in Naarm and send them off with love and community. Join us for a night of musical alchemy.

Presented by Hunger Digital.

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