The Johnnys + Discgraceland

16 Feb
Old Manly Boatshed
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The Johnnys And Discgraceland At Old Manly Boatshed

It’s summer and the time when a young cowpunk’s thoughts turn to sun, beer and surf, so why wouldn’t The Johnnys wax up and head towards the waves?

Australia’s Kings of Cowpunk are playing the Old Boatshed at Manly on Friday, February 16 with local heroes DISGRACELand in their first gig on Sydney’s Northern Beaches since the late Bob Fulton was a boy.

It’s been a long road but The Johnnys are slapping on the sunscreen and roaring into their 41st year, full of renewed spirit and good manners.

With tunes like “Showdown”, “Injun’ Joe” and “Bleedin’ Heart” in their saddlebags, Hoody, Slim and Billy are the closest you’re going to get these days to a portable rock and roll party.

Tickets are at but don’t be slow because you know they’ll go.

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