Euterpe + More

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13 Apr
Metro Theatre
Event Description

Euterpe Ep Launch


Stained bedsheets, carious teeth, and necrotic skin are made into sound through Euterpe's EP, The Amnion . Euterpe conclude their Australian tour (in celebration of The Amnion) with their final Sydney Metro Theatre home show. The Amnion marks a turning point for the unit, embodying their current technicality, stage presence and artistic autonomy. This gig represents a current apex for the group. The tender Banana Farm and the potent Bennetts Grove offer robustness in supporting the set, grounding Euterpe's agitated sonic neuroticism. Join them at the final stop of their tour and find out why the label 'stimulant-rock' is the most fitting for the unsettled Euterpe. This event has been cancelled. All ticket holders will automatically be refunded.

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