PIMP + More

13 Apr
Chardons Corner Hotel
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Find Away

On Saturday, April 13th, we invite you to join us at The Back Room for an evening featuring some of Brisbane's premier rock bands. 

Commencing the event is PIMP, an emerging NU Metal band renowned for their dynamic riffs and compelling vocal performances. Following them is EHS, seamlessly blending the sounds of AC/DC and Metallica. Despite being newcomers to the Brisbane music scene, EHS delivers captivating performances indicative of seasoned professionals. Ambrosial takes the stage next, distinguished by their memorable lyrics and exceptional guitar work, solidifying their status as one of Brisbane's finest. Concluding the night is Findaway, a band that entered the scene in 2023 with their debut EP, offering a diverse musical repertoire ranging from mellow acoustic melodies to intense thrash metal. 

Ensure you don't miss this extraordinary showcase at The Backroom; it promises to be an unforgettable musical experience.

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