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29 Jun
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No Money Enterprise 'Back To Back' Tour | Melbourne

Platinum selling hip hop duo No Money Enterprise embarks on their highly anticipated debut tour hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane this coming June and July to celebrate the release of their latest single Back to Back. Since their explosive entrance in 2019, Randy Svge and Tommy OT have amassed over 70 streams including platinum hits  ‘German’ and hard hitters ’No Reason’, Troublesome’ and ‘Presto’.

_Not one for the faint hearted, this tour offers fans a first-time opportunity to witness the raw energy and unfiltered hype of No Money Enterprise live. Expect an immersive experience, where the duo’s gritty narratives and dynamic beats leave sweat dripping from the walls in an intimate setting. Don't miss out on witnessing No Money Enterprise live in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Special guests to be announced_

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