Milk Before Bed? • More

Lively in Gold Coast

13 Jun
Vinnies Dive

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Milk Before Bed?, Deus & Twisted Lullaby

Calling all lactose intolerant friends to join in a smorgasbord of tunes. 

Starting with the entree, Twisted Lullaby, a female-fronted alt-rock band! Ethereal vocals contrasted with heavy music and catchy melodies. Located on the Gold Coast, they bring a unique and wild twist to music as we know it.

Right in the middle of the table is DEUS, a hip-hop and soul Musician based in brisbane

With the ability to create a captivating atmosphere is essential in how it sets him apart from other artists.

DEUS not only expresses creativity through music but also visual art, his exciting cover art, fashion and photography aesthetic (Shot by ~ aylascamera) will pull you into the mind that is DEUS.

Finish the night by sucking on her glorious teet and let milk rain down from the heavens. 

Milk Before Bed? will caress you into a deep sleep before shaking you awake with the sudden urge to use the toilet. This band has it all; not the saxophone, spoken word poetry, an atmospheric understanding of absentee fathers. You don’t want to miss it. You can Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Drink milk like your tummy wont hurt. 
Ingest some lactaid and come on down to Vinnies to ingest these unreal bands or you’ll regret it.

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