The Inlay Ensemble

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28 Apr
Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar
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Lvl 1 - The Inlay Ensemble

Classical, improvised, jazz, new music, folk & more!

The Inlay Ensemble are very happy to announce they are performing the music of composer/performer Trevor Brown.   There will also be a solo performance by Diego Iddaraga Duate as support.
About Trevor Brown:
Trevor Brown, composer/multi-instrumentalist, has a diverse career from symphony orchestra to outback circus. For this special concert, he will bring to Inlay Ensemble a selection of his compositions for strings from lauded ensembles The New Acoustic Collective and Waiting for Guinness, as well as new arrangements and compositions  specially for this concert.
Trevor, currently the artistic director of the Sydney Improvisers Composers Kollektiv Orchestra, has lectured in music, improvisation, composition and sound design at Sydney Conservatorium, RMIT and SCA. His recent interest is large ensemble real-time composition, working with the London and Vienna Improvisers orchestras as well as Markus Stockhausen's Intuitive Music Orchestra. A student of cultural and traditional musics, he has studied with and played along side of Ahok Roy, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, whilst in Edinburgh he lived with and performed with Albert Ssempeke, a Master Musician of Uganda. He has spent the last 12 years studying the unique microtonal scales of the Istrian region, leading him to develop the large scale immersive work Dronescape with which he was a featured artist at Ars Electronica in Linz.
About Diego Idarraga Duate:
Diego Idarraga Duarte made his debut as a composer in 2022 and since then His latest works: “Nebulae” string quartet and  his woodwind quintet “Hades Suite“ were premiered in Sydney in 2023. About Idarraga from Sydney Arts Guide: “This composer approached his assignment with his signature depth of analysis and careful selection of musical material”
About the Inlay Ensemble:
The Inlay Ensemble is a modern string ensemble based in Sydney Australia led by double bassist Elsen Price.
The ensemble is a diverse collective of string players who play music which is often not played in string ensembles, ranging from jazz standards (with all players improvising and soloing), entire concerts of free improvisation, non traditional compositional/conceptual performances, trad Irish/Greek music, and a growing list of new frontiers to play.
Their debut album 'Songs for Habitual People' (Creative Sources Recordings) received 4/5 stars in the Australian, they've performed for numerous high profile events, and have an ongoing series of sold out events in the Sydney area since 2019.
Inlay Ensemble line-up:
Elsen Price - double bass/ Artistic Director
Isabel Tzorbatzaki - violin
James Tarbotton - violin
John Napier - cello

Level 1 is the intimate room

5pm Doors/Restaurant 🍷🥘
6.30pm band

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