Vexation + More

17 Feb
The Old Bar
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Vexation At The Old Bar

Thrashers, moshers and heathens! Get ready for a night of riffs and glory! The unstoppable thrash-death juggernaut VEXATION will bang your heads and blow your minds with their precision riffery! Their second album "Trepidation Reigns" landed in 2022 and has been turning heads and raising horns! The deathly evil thrashing of BLUDGER will summon a storm of HM2 filth and brutality! The grind-flavoured death metal of CIRCLE OF BLOOD will generously satisfy all your Florida-via-Sweden-via-Birmingham riff desires! And the filthy grinding of TONGUE SCUM will supercharge your tongues and infect your brains! Put it in the google calendar, write it on your arm next to the Slayer logo, but don't miss this unholy barrage of fast times and faster metal!

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