Karina Lehman Quartet

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24 Apr
Bergy Bandroom
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Karina Lehman Quartet Single Launch Party

Get ready to groove at the Karina Lehman Quartet Single Launch Party! Join us for a Latin-infused night of epic tunes featuring the quartet as they release their latest single, alongside G_TANO's funky experimental beats and DJ Coterra's killer mixes of Latin Afro electronics.

Led by Karina Lehman herself, the quartet is set to bring the heat with their new single, backed by Fabian Araval├ęs on guitar and groovebox, Amla Periakarpan on flute and violin, and Aidan Efron on bass synth and synth. It's guaranteed to be a party you won't forget!

Dance the night away to covers, electronic cumbia, and originals that'll keep you moving non-stop. G_TANO will kick off the evening with their killer experimental funk set, while DJ Coterra's banging beats will ensure the vibe stays alive!

Don't miss out on the fun! See you at the KL Single Launch Party for a night of pure musical magic!

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