Mystic Tea Party + More

15 Feb
Bergy Bandroom
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Mystic Tea Party - Live At The Bergy Bandroom

Embark on an otherworldly adventure with Mystic Tea Party at the Bergy Bandroom, for the pre-release party celebrating their newest single. The genre-blending indietronica group has been captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on Melbourne's live music scene. Known for their enchanting performances, the band invites you for a one-of-a-kind experience, where a mesmerizing visual and lightshow spectacle flows in harmony with their distinctive music, whisking you away to an unparalleled realm.

Adding to the sonic journey, the night will feature the mesmerising sound of upcoming trip hop band, Minor Delusion, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the soul. And, Full Fleshed will immerse you in their dark wave sounds, infusing the night with an electrifying energy that pulses through the veins of the venue.

Immerse yourself in a night filled with enchanting performances and a journey into unexplored landscapes. Mystic Tea Party ensures an experience that transcends the norm, leaving you captivated and eager for more.




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