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16 Jun
La La La's

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Gosika W/ Carcinoid (Vic) // Cryptovore (Qld) // Gape (Tas) // Bludger (Vic)

Get ready for an unrelenting deluge of bone-crushing death metal as Grindhead Productions orchestrate a gathering in Wollongong of the nation's most savage bands. 

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 16th, and make your way to La La La's to witness the collaboration of Melbourne's punishing death metallers Gutless, Carcinoid and Bludger, along with Tasmania’s slam kings Gape and Queensland's death grind juggernaut Cryptivore. Headlining the event is Wollongong's unstoppable death metal force Gosilka. Brace for impact as the raw energy of the North and the South clash in an evening of devastating brutality.

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