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30 Jun
Clancy's Fish Pub (Fremantle)

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Introducing Perth’s GunFu, a dynamic instrumental group that seamlessly blends the idiosyncratic playing styles of Benjamin Witt, Ben Vanderwal, Harry Mitchell, Marc Earley and Jayden Blockley. The ensemble comes together to create a unique musical experience, fusing jazz, West African, Cuban and experimental elements into a harmonious tapestry of sound.

The band interprets the compositions of Benjamin Witt, who has previously explored the realms of indie rock and experimental music, under the moniker Romeo Walker or as a session player featuring on Empire of the Sun and Pond records. Gun Fu marks his first foray into the jazz genre.

Joining forces with Witt are exceptionally talented musicians who bring their own unique flair to Gun Fu. Ben Vanderwal, recognized for his mastery of the drum kit, Marc Earley’s deep pocket bass playing, Jayden Blockley's captivating saxophone work, and Harry Mitchell's virtuoso touch on the keys together form a synergetic lineup that deliver exciting performances.

The music was originally commissioned for an art exhibition featuring the works of collaborative painters Stephen Brameld and Jay Staples, each composition inspired by and named after a different painting.

As Gun Fu unveils its debut record, audiences can expect music that weaves together intricate compositions, expressive improvisation, and a shared passion of musical exploration.

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