Rune Jail

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21 Jun
Strange Basement

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Strange Festival // Hearts of Darkness // Rituals presents ::

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RUNE JAIL [[AUSTRALIA // USA]] :: ?????????? ?????????? ???????????? ?????????????????????? ???? ?????? ??????

RUNE JAIL is the new brainchild of KING DUDE [[T.J. Cowgill]]. One who is always up for throwing a curveball, his latest project is inspired by the absolute classic era of Italo Disco horror – the soundtracks that made our toes curl, our hearts beat faster + the hint of a scream catch in the back of our throats.

With the debut track, literally titled ‘October 31st 7pm’ + released at that exact date + time last year, this slasher-style tune uses music technology straight out of 1986 – bringing back the beat that made so many of those soundtracks unforgettable. Undeniably designed to haunt + titillate, these 100 per cent instrumental pieces will make the goth two-step mandatory.

Celebrating not only their INTERNATIONAL DEBUT, but also their first show ever – this coup for Strange Festival + Hearts of Darkness will be the spookiest winter solstice party this year. Wear your best horror-influenced attire, RUNE JAIL certainly will.

KAARST [[YUGAMBEH // GOLD COAST, QLD]] :: ???????????????????? ????????-?????????????? ??????????????????????
KAARST is Sam Haven, an artist + a storyteller of mixed mediums. From a slew of harrowing musical releases, a 2021 book ‘The Art Of Leaving’ – containing excerpts, inner monologues, imagery, poetry + prose – to oil painting, his dark creative endeavours are truly boundless.
The KAARST moniker delves into their melancholy through the juxtaposition of infectious goth, electronica, wave, + ambient ties with visual spectacles also bringing their vision to life.

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