Hokkaido + More

Lively in Sydney

23 Nov
The House of Music & Booze

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Hokkaido 'Show Me What You Got'

Four bands, One night, One venue, Noise will be made. Enjoyment will be had. Meet the bands; Hokkaido, Them Wolves, ttt and Spinning Cupids

Hokkaido's music has never been pigeonholed to one style. Fans often comment on the diverse sounds of each song, from alternative rock to post-metal to Djent. Their live performances are renowned for their engaging and energetic nature.

The band draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, with acts like Deftones, Karnivool, Thrice, and Refused shaping their sound, embodying the extreme highs and lows associated with the eponymous island they take their name from, 'Hokkaido'.

Them Wolves
Sydney’s Them Wolves are on a sonic journey, where punk and shoegaze collide in a symphony of unapologetic volume and an unmistakable intensity. Crafting a wall of noise much bigger than any two piece should be capable of, Them Wolves debuts down a path reminiscent of bands like Thrice and Catherine Wheel where there’s space to sway, shake your foundations and sing your heart out. The perfect introduction.

Sydney trio ttt bring together their vintage desert rock riffs with arresting, tight rhythm and sparse, textured vocals. At times relentless & unwavering in pursuit of sonic dominance, they are known to create a mood journey of subtle dynamic shifts but also a painstakingly-crafted story: an organic explosion of dark blues energy where every note counts

Spinning Cupids
Spinning Cupids bring forth their very own brand of rock infused indie/alternative tunes bleeding a vibrant youthful energy. Hard to place but easy to love, the Cupids describe their brand of music as nothing more than ‘organised sound in a linear fashion’

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