Felicity Lawless • Black Rabbit George

Lively in Gold Coast

24 May
Dust Temple

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Guitar Journeys: Felicity Lawless & Black Rabbit George

Felicity Lawless and Black Rabbit George(Paul A. George – Tijuana Cartel) return once more to their favourite haunt the Dust Temple, to bring a new guitar journey of mystic magik and musical medicine.
With rhythms that explode from their love of gypsy and flamenco inspirations, the duo explore each other’s virtuoso guitar work to produce music that is even greater than their individual parts. From the wellspring of individual life experiences and travels, Lawlessand George produce astonishing unity of shared passions for the world of
music, texture and sound. The result? Inspirational. Energising. Absorbing.
The style? Don’t even try to categorise. But do try to imagine how really gifted musicians can seamlessly blend folk, Middle-Eastern, flamenco, classical and world music into glorious harmony.

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