Ally George

15 Feb
The Royal Bondi
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Meet ALLY GEORGE, your go-to pop pal on this wild ride we call life. With a heart on her sleeve and a penchant for blending alternative pop with good ol’ country heart (a pop-country lovechild), GEORGE creates a sound that’s both nostalgic, and refreshingly modern... think: the heyday of 80’s and 90’s pop infused with a contemporary charm.

Based in Sydney, music has always been a form of escapism and expression for ALLY GEORGE; a therapeutic outlet that begins as scribbles in a journal. In this sense, her songs are a personal diary, with the audience as avid readers. The dream for GEORGE has always been simple: create music that’ll have you dancing and wiping away your tears. You can blame it on her knack for over-feeling. As a self-proclaimed “over- thinker” every emotion is a catchy melody. More importantly, from a tough embodied persona, comes a willingness to remain humble and honest; ALLY GEORGE will remind you to be unapologetically you.

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