Elly-May Barnes

Lively in Sydney

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30 May
Brass Monkey

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Elly May Barnes – Glittery And Unhinged

Enter the brain of Elly-May Barnes who has been building her cabaret show for many years now. Featuring a cast of thousands (and that’s just herself!)

Elly-may will perform all the hits from Dolly to Patsy, ABBA to David and Dusty all the way to Radiohead and everything in between and anything she feels like in a way that only she will understand but in a way that maybe you’ll grow to love.

Everyone gets something different out of this. Just ask Gavin and Kay. They’ve been to all of them ! It’s kind of a you have to be there kind of thing… Are you coming or not?!?

If you like duets, clamshells, glitter, confetti, bubbles, cupcakes and fun then you should come!

If you hate fun… Don’t come

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