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17 May
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Krave (By Nsfw Events)


Experience the beloved KRAVE vibes you adore, now transformed into a pristine, all-white extravaganza. Come and enjoy the enchanting embrace of our White Winter Wonderland KRAVE theme.

(This event is for couples and single women only)

Join the vibrant world of 'KRAVE,' where the heart of Melbourne's electronic scene beats louder than ever.

Our commitment goes beyond just throwing a dance party; we're dedicated to curating an unforgettable experience.

At 'KRAVE,' we transform the chic and modern venue into a canvas of white winter wonderland reverie, illuminated by black UV lights throughout.

This is more than just a party; it's a celebration of hedonistic dance party extravagance, a world where PLURsurable rave vibes collide with unbridled passion.

Unleash your wildest desires as we invite you to join the dance floor and be part of an experience that transcends the ordinary.


Our 3 top DJs will play music ranging from house, tech & electro. Towards the end of the night, expect to hear heavy hitting beats, that bounce/ Minimal underground Melbourne sound, dirty basslines and insane drops.


We've added a large group play bed and over 15 play benches! We're transforming the entire bottom level into a mega playroom—think nothing but play booths, benches, a bed, and even a play swing!

Excitingly, we now boast two social spaces! The mezzanine above the dance floor level will serve as a vibrant social area with its very own private bar, complemented by our other social smokers' room. 🍹



  • DJ artist MINI MIXX (8:30PM to 10PM) - get your night started to the beats of MINI MIXX, gracing the decks of Melbourne's most sizzling clubs including LEVELS, Love Machine, VOID and more. 🎧 With an undeniable passion for dirty basslines and a keen ear for Melbourne minimal, techno, and those big drops, MINI MIXX knows how to get the dance floor buzzing. MINI MIXX has an equal love affair with house and tech house beats, ensuring a music showcase that keeps Melbourne dancefloors moving all night long.
  • Headling artist DJ FEMME (10PM to 12AM) - Melbourne based – “ Femme”, this blonde ball of energy has had no trouble cementing herself in the DJ Scene and gaining a well respected reputation through her gigs and her Aria chart topping releases. Femme was proudly signed to the well respected, ministry of sound aligned “Soapbox “ agency for national touring. Before this, Femme was signed to LNG Music / Universal as a chosen artist to mix numerous aria charting compilations “Pump IT”. The releases have been a huge success and are still one of the highest selling cd compilations in Australia. On the media side she has featured on Nova Nation, Austereo network nationwide, Video Hits, Channel Ten nationally and co-hosted her very own episode of Channel V. Femme’s respected club sound is main room electro with a mix of her favourite Melb sound. Hard work and determination combined with strong technical skills has gotten this beauty where she is today. In a tough industry this devoted dj remains strong in her existence.
  • DJ artist M A D E L E I N E (12:00AM to 3:30AM) - Madeleine, on the outside she’s a cute, baby-faced dance floor doll. We challenge you to get to know her! You’ll see she is a raving, hardcore hunnie that can tear a dance floor to shreds… Starting as an 18 year old girl in a big city was a daunting thing, but you wouldn’t have guessed it with Mads. She spins on par with the best, showcasing an impressive range from vocal, sexy deep house to intense, rocking beats. Born and bred in Melbourne’s thriving underground scene ie Wah Wah/ TFU/ TRAMP/ Cloud 9 and more. She’s no stanger to touring and playing shows around the country such as Cocktails (Gold Coast), Red Square (Adelaide), Let Go Festival (Mornington), Scary Canary (Sydney), House NC (Tasmania), Oktoberfest (St Kilda) and too many more to keep count. Supporting artists like Will Sparks, Marlo, Victor Ruiz, Mandragora, Blastoiz, Timmy Trumpet & The Potbelleez, it’s no wonder that the self proclaimed Queen of King Street is set to be the next big thing in Melbourne.
  • UV Glow Suspension Shibari Show (9PM to 11PM/ around 10:30PM our rope artist will treat you to a 20 minute self suspension show) - get tied on stage by Harli Adalia. Embark on a journey into the enchanting realm of Shibari with the uniquely captivating Harley Adalia. More a maestro of installations than a mere performer, this untamed visionary masterfully entwines traditionally rooted Japanese rope bondage, aerial circus, and the human form. Delving into the realms of connection, power, trust, and polarity, Harley Adalia navigates the textures between the ineffable, seeking truth and the elusive equilibrium it unveils. Watch in awe, as you witness Harley Adalia and her esoteric rope acts performed alongside our DJ, a mesmerising dance that transcends the ordinary.
  • A captivating White Winter Wonderland flirty silk flow dance performance by Shae (9:30PM to 11:30PM)- step into the ethereal beauty of Shae's mesmerising silk flow fan dance, a captivating spectacle in our White Winter Wonderland Rave night. As she moves gracefully, her silk fans become an extension of her enchanting flow, accentuating each movement with grace and finesse. The vibrant fabric swirls around her, wrapping her in an aura of elegance and beauty. Witness a dance that transcends the ordinary, where the enchanting harmony of movement and silk creates a winter wonderland of rhythmic magic.
  • Sexy winter wonderland stage dancing and pole dance performances alongside our DJ artist by our flirty, tantalising, mischievous and downright sexy new additions to the NSFW Girls crew (11:00PM to 1:00AM.
  • Get ready to encounter our newest NSFW Girl additions as they roam and dance through KRAVE's enchanting realm of sensual wonder as seductive snow angels (9:30PM to 11:00PM)
  • Raised dance floor podiums
  • Pole dance podium for guests (prior to 10:30PM and after 1AM)
  • More stage performers to be announced


  • An entire floor dedicated to hedonistic fun
  • Play benches, play booths and a group play bed in the centre of the room (since the last event, we've purchased over 15 new play benches to add to the venue plus a huge group play bed)
  • Both room entry doors curtained to ensure privacy
  • Sex swing
  • Porn movie booth area
  • Condoms, lube and sanitisation wipes provided at the bar
  • Dedicated cleaner and multiple new bins placed around the play room
  • Dedicated safety team member in a blue staff top - your go to in the play room, you can go to them with any questions, to report behaviour or discuss any concerns.
  • Dark atmosphere / minimal lighting


  • Bar area
  • Chill out bar tables/ stools for respite from the below dance floor and playroom levels
  • View of the dancefloor and entertainment below
  • 8:30PM to 10:00PM: our single ladies can make new scene friends and settle comfortably into the night - 1 glass of wine complimentary and express VIP entry
  • Non smoking social area
  • UV Paint Bar to illuminate the night


  • Social space
  • Smoking permitted


Embrace the familiar KRAVE spirit, adorned in your chicest all-white rave/ festival attire (silver/ holographic are allowed), as we turn the night into a dazzling white wonderland of electronic bliss.

Less is better.
Embrace the all-white atmosphere with your sexiest festival and rave-inspired attire! Think wild, think vibrant, think raunchy. For discretion, some people will be masked in bunny/ kitten masks or similar, some not.

(Not permitted: pants, everyday street / causal wear ie casual t-shirts etc, long skirts, branded everyday underwear ie Bonds/ Calvin Klein etc)

*Primary dress code colour is white (silver/ holographic are allowed), feel free to accessorise ie harnesses, collars, shoes, earrings in any colour.

**Please note our dress code is strictly enforced.

*A free cloak room service is provided.


Ticket terms

KRAVE outfit ideas for women

KRAVE outfit ideas for men

Join the single ladies only chat

Join our community chat for couples, single women and men



*Guest cameras aren't allowed, all cameras will be covered upon entry.

*We enforce a strict no-guest-camera policy within our venue, aiming to preserve the intimate atmosphere. Our media team operates exclusively upstairs, capturing moments that showcase performances, the event ambiance, and entertainers. They may also capture consenting guests, ensuring that no guest faces will be visible, with background individuals having faces or identifying tattoos blurred.

Approximately three weeks post-event, attendees will receive an email containing all photos for a double consent check. Guests who had their faces shown in footage at the event would have already given consent, but all attendees have one week to reply via email if they prefer any photos with obscured faces.

Upon completion of the double consent check, the entire gallery will be released on RedHotPie within the community's Galleries section. We will feature only a select few photos on our website and social channels.

*Tickets aren't available for purchase at the door. Considering our limited venue capacity and the consistent trend of reaching full capacity well before our events, it is imperative to secure your spot well in advance to ensure you won't miss out.

*Entry closes at 11:30PM.

*ID must be shown on the door. 


To ensure you get a photo taken on the infamous light-up stairs, we'll have our photographer stationed at the back stairs (the ones furthest away from entry) from 10 PM to 10:30 PM. At all other times, our photographer will be roaming nearby, mostly around the media wall and entertainment areas. To learn more about our event photo restrictions and your privacy, more info can be found underneath the title above 'Event Restrictions' title.

Here's a small snippet of our last KRAVE event! 🎉🔥
Only a glimpse of the wild energy we unleash can be captured on film for privacy reasons 😈

(Please note: each KRAVE event has a different theme, so the footage here may not reflect the theme of the next event)

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