The Laurels

Lively in Sydney

27 May
Marrickville Bowling Club

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The Laurels are a band from Sydney who formed in 2006. Over the last 15 years they’ve released an EP and three albums which have garnered many critical accolades, earned a reputation as a must-see live act through relentless bouts of touring, and developed a fondness for taking large breaks between bursts of productivity to do absolutely nothing.

2022 finally saw the release of the band’s third album, “Homecoming”, via Third Eye Stimuli Records. Having taken a DIY approach on previous recordings, the band were curious to see if the time and cost constraints of a proper studio would help yield a quicker, stripped back result. Several hundred overdubs and a massively blown out budget later, they completed the record in early 2020 with a release and tour plan put in place for later that year. Thanks to a global pandemic and a string of ill-timed lockdowns, the fate of the album was continually plunged into uncertainty and the band spent the better half of two years lying in wait. The perpetually delayed album in question was recorded and mixed with Lachlan Mitchell at Parliament Studios over the span of 6 months. With access to an array of fantastical instruments and previously inaccessible recording expertise at their disposal, the album took constant unexpected creative turns and pushed the band into territory that was simultaneously unfamiliar and exciting. Combining the energy from their live shows with their penchant for experimental recording processes, the forthcoming record jumps between visceral post punk, funk infused psychedelia, epic pop anthems and dense synth soundscapes, creating a surreal dreamlike journey that is constantly evolving over the course of the album’s ten tracks.

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