Jeremy Beggs

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26 Apr
The Eastern

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Jeremy Beggs 'Been Looking For' Single Launch

"Been Looking For" marks Jeremy Beggs' third single release in the past 12 months, a collaboration with fellow Ballaratian Anthony Brooks. The song, originally penned in 2019 for a different project that stalled, feels like uncovering a hidden gem. Rediscovering it about 18 months ago ignited a creative resurgence in Jeremy, prompting him to infuse it with a distinct Americana flavor.

There's a poignant symmetry in the significance of the title, especially during this phase of revitalisation. The act of rediscovery, whether it's of something tangible or a connection with someone, can be as fulfilling as the initial burst of creation.

"Rich, expressive, and emotional!" is how Sunburnt Country Music described Jeremy Beggs' recent release. After years of shying away from authentically expressing his true calling, this self-taught artist is finding solace and connection on the very stages that once filled him with dread. Instead of succumbing to fear, Jeremy is drawing strength from it, emerging as an artist to watch in Australian Americana.

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