Liu Shuang

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12 Sep
Factory Theatre

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Liu Shuang Sydney Australia Tour 柳爽 “丑花” 2024 澳大利亚巡演 悉尼站

澳新音乐ANZ Music, 夏日回音Summer Echo,太合音乐集团联合呈现:

"入场时间: 7:30pm





















而现在,在他的第四张个人专辑《丑花》的 首新歌发布之际,他也即将来到我们身边,开启他的澳洲巡演。



在柳爽的歌声中,感受忠贞不渝的爱情穿越时空,回到那个质朴简单的年代。 一起踏上一场,探寻极致的爱与浪漫的旅程,一场视觉听觉嗅觉的沉浸式体验。

ANZ Music, Summer Echo, and Taihe Music Group jointly present:

VIP ticket rights: Guest photo + signed poster + organizer gift + one bar voucher

The organizer of this site’s Australian tour will give the following gifts to viewers who purchase VIP tickets:

A Hello Kitty & GOTCHA co-branded mug

Or a bottle of Harden brand premium honey

"I have never seen a village where auroras appear, nor have I seen anyone setting off fireworks late at night."

"The evening star is like your eyes that kill people and set fire. You didn't say anything. The wild wind disturbed me."

In 2021, the song "Mohe Dance Hall" became a hit on the Internet. In less than a day, the number of views exceeded 10 million.

People marvel at the story behind this song.

Zhang Dequan's wife likes dancing very much, and they often dance against the lights in the old warehouse.

Unfortunately, his wife died in a fire more than thirty years ago.

After that, everyone often saw a figure dancing solo in the center of the stage. He never looked for a new love, but only danced for her.

Maybe in our eyes, he is the only one in the center of the stage, but in his eyes, she is always there.

While lamenting the inevitable endings in life.

We also remember Liu Shuang, who writes every word that touches the soul and sings every song with power.

"Mohe Dance Hall" leads us into his music world, and we continue to recognize his different looks in each of his songs.

He is the "Rose Thief" who always dies for romance and always throws roses to the sky.

He will write "Echoes of Summer" to tell us romantic and peaceful love words.

He will take us to find the "Monica" in our hearts.

"Sing for the ordinary life, live for the romance of death."

He will always be a "musical novelist" who sings about life with music and composes novels with melodies.

I believe that many fans in Australia have been looking forward to bringing a rose and coming to the scene to meet Liu Shuang face to face.

Let's feel the passion, bravery, sincerity and romance in his songs...

And now, in his fourth solo album "Ugly Flower"

At the time of the release of a new song, he is also about to come to us and start his Australian tour.

In addition to the songs from the new album "Ugly Flower", this tour will also perform all the popular songs from the past.

Let us look forward to Liu Shuang's Australian tour together.

In Liu Shuang's singing, you can feel the loyal love traveling through time and space, returning to that simple and simple era.

Let’s embark on a journey to explore the ultimate love and romance, an immersive experience of sight, hearing and smell.

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