Tony Diamond

Lively in Melbourne

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31 Oct
The Burvale Hotel

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Morning Melodies - Tony Diamond - Neil Diamond & Friends

Show starts at 11am

A vibrant and dynamic performer, Anthony has over 4 decades of live stage performance experience. He has performed high energy shows in venues throughout Australia.

He has always been in cover bands and also been privileged to share the stage with artists such as ; Brian Mannix, Normie Rowie, Brian Cadd, Wilbur Wild and John St. Peters.

In recent years Anthony has noticed a lean towards a more conservative repertoire.

Every time he performed one of his songs he would get a different crowd reaction and the comments of how he sounds so much like Neil Diamond were really overwhelming. So an experiment became a passion to the point where he just wants to sing Neil Diamond songs. Just adding a few Neil diamond songs here and there, getting overwhelming feedback and response, the experiment soon became an obsession.

Anthony often gets asked, “Why Neil Diamond ''? He replies, the answer is in the first verse of Sweet Caroline…where it began, I can’t begin to knowing, but then again it's growing strong. From the glittering outfits to the sound of his voice, seeing is believing, so let me capture your hearts and souls on this magical journey.

Diamond fans will be left mesmerised and for the half-hearted, prepare to become a Diamond fan.

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