Suzie So Blue

Lively in Melbourne

23 May
Bar Open

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**Free Entry** Suzie So Blue (Front Bar)

Suzie So Blue is a singer-songwriter whose music delves deep into the heart of human emotions with just four strings and the truth. Blending the soulful essence of blues with the storytelling charm of country, Suzie's hypnotic tenor guitar style and evocative vocals create a mesmerising sonic tapestry. 


Influenced by luminaries like Yola, Amythyst Kiah, Tracy Chapman, Gillian Welch and Sierra Ferrell, she weaves tales of love and life that resonate with Americana and dark folk enthusiasts. 


Suzie So Blue's music is a captivating journey through the landscapes of the human experience, where raw emotions and authentic storytelling come together to create a truly soul-stirring musical experience.

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